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Subject: Feelings of Security, part 7Feelings of Security, part 7 by lennoxbearaol.comEric and Tom dragged lolita preteen sexy top themselves upstairs to bed and dozed off wrapped lolicon little pre teens
each other's arms. Both had felt the tingling sensation in their body that
had been there when muscle growth occurred. Both were a bit reluctant to
say anything. Tom woke Eric up about two in the morning by sucking down
his dick. Eric pretended to be asleep to see how far Tom would go before
attempting to wake him. The big cock rose to its thick veiny magnificence,
making Tom work harder to get it down his throat. The amazing thing was he
could do it. However big Eric's cock had grown, Tom had adapted to the
size and swallowed it like it was no more than six inches. Tom seemed to
get a bit restless and Eric nymphet nude lolita preteen
finally laughed."Just exactly what are you wanting to do? He rubbed his hand across the
stubble on his head. Tom stopped what he was doing long enough to sit up,
reach for the lube and grease his ass and the object of his ass's desire.
He straddled the huge head and slid down, coming to rest on Eric's flat
abs. "Oh fuck, you are hot inside. You feel really good. It's like your
ass is massaging my dick. Tom performed squats over Eric's dick until he
felt his nuts drawing up to shoot. Eric pulled him forward, "give me your
hot cum boy." Tom watched as Eric swallowed his heavy load and felt Eric's
load filling his ass. Funny thing, his body seemed to absorb the thick
cum. It never ran out of his hole. He thought that maybe it was adding to
his muscle growth."You know, neither of us is going to get much sleep if you insist on
impaling yourself like this. Eric kissed Tom and ran his tongue to lolitas legal art nude the
back of the boy's throat. He could taste his own juice on Tom's lips and
sucked the tongue hard."My butt just started to twitch, so I had to feed it, sir." Eric rolled
him over and wrapped his legs around him to keep him under control. He
told Tom go to sleep and try not to get horny again, then chuckled.About four AM, Tom again got up to piss and looked at the change in his
body in the mirror. He once again had a heavy beard and would need to trim
his hair before shaving his head. But the curious part was, the body had
changed by becoming leaner. No real muscle growth, but the bodyfat seemed
to be melting away. He flexed a couple of times and enjoyed this change
more than the growth. It made the muscles really stand out. For once, his
cock and balls seemed to have stayed the same. He returned to bed and
looked at Eric lying there asleep. Eric's beard was also heavy and with it
the need to shave his head. But, Eric appeared to have had more muscle
growth. His pecs were extraordinarily huge now. Like a charicature. He
licked his lips at the image and snuggled in for another hour's sleep.The alarm clock at 5:30 rudely awakened them and Eric kissed Tom hard and
deep. "Hey, morning dog mouth, time to get up. You need to shave your
head again. Tom opened his eyes and wrapped his arms around his new lover.
He noticed he had had some muscle growth in his arms since four AM."You too." Eric straddled his body over Tom and felt the hot hands rub
across his hairy chest. "Your pecs are bigger this morning, your beard is
full and your dick is stabbing me in the stomach. Yowch!" Eric sprung
from bed to the mirror and did a side chest pose. His pecs were now an
almost level shelf of muscle across his chest with nipples hanging down
easily an inch. They were covered in perfectly distributed soft fur that
spread down his abs to his dick. The perfect specimen. Tom stood next to
him and posed. Eric noticed the lack of bodyfat and ran his hands over the
beautiful body. He stood behind Tom and measured the difference in their
height to be about a head. They were a preteen lolitas hot sex
hot pair of muscle giants out of
some warped scientific mind.Eric kissed Tom's neck and offered to shave his head. He led him to the
bathroom and trimmed the hair so he could shave it easier. He carefully
lathered Tom's head and neck and pulled a straight razor from a drawer.
Tom's eyes got a bit wider and Eric assured him he could safely use it.
Tom marveled at the feel of the razor moving over his skin and how easily
Eric worked. He then watched in the mirror as Eric trimmed his beard but
left it full instead of a goatee. He wanted to see the difference and have
a contrast between the two of them. Then Eric set about performing his own
shaving needs and Tom watched and stroked his dick. "Remember, I have a
razor and your nuts are only inches away. Don't make me cut myself." When
Eric was finished shaving, the two men helped each other in the shower.
Their hardons bbs lolita pthc board slowed them down, as Tom wanted fucked again. Eric promised
later.They dressed in another set of clothes Eric had young little nudes lolitas purchased the previous day
and headed downstairs to breakfast. The musclepacks of supplements along
with egg white omelets and protein shakes brought the familiar tingling
back to their bodies. Tom stood at the stove to grill chicken breasts for
their lunches and snacks while Eric fondled the butt he was fighting hard
not to fuck. Eric drove Tom to work and said he would pick him up at 4:30.
They kissed good bye in bbs lolita pthc board the parking lot and Tom ran inside with two minutes
to spare. Ron and Darrell had witnessed his arrival and greeted him at the
door."Does this mean you are really getting to be more than just workout
buddies?" Darrell asked as he sneaked a quick squeeze of Tom's ass. "Cause
if it does, we think it's great. Eric seems to be really happy and the way
you two are packing on the muscle, something is working right."Tom explained as much as he could to them as they walked to the floor where
he was to work. As he was getting his tools and supplies from a side
office, Ron suggested they try to get together for dinner if Eric had time.
Tom was glad to hear them being supportive and groped them both on his way
out of the door. Darrell stopped him in the doorway and whispered into his
ear, "Just be careful of some of these construction guys up here. This is
one company Eric doesn't control and some of them are a bit on the redneck
side. They definitely don't take kindly to me as a black boss and I know
they won't take kindly to a gay guy who gets in their way."Tom thanked him for the warning and said he would be on his best
behavior. He set off down the hall to get started. The morning went by
pretty much without anything happening. Tom worked with his old team and
hated thinking about possibly not working with them after Monday. At
lunchtime he went back to his supply room to get his lunchbox and ran into
some of the construction guys. He nodded hello and kept walking. He felt
their eyes watching him and sizing up his muscle. He was glad to be
walking away from them so they couldn't see his basket start to bulge.He walked back to the work area and ate with his team, chatting about the
usual stupid things. They teased him about this changing hair and beard
styles and commented on how "buff" he was becoming. He was a shoe-in to be
a wrestler on WWF or WCW. nude lolitas sexy pics They all laughed good-naturedly. The
construction guys wandered by and muttered hellos but stared at Tom as he
sat on the floor eating his lunch. One of them couldn't resist asking if
it was a special foufy diet to grow muscles and mocked his biceps. Tom just
flatly answered, it was and that he had gotten 6 12 lolita young his in a week. The guy
didn't apparently like that answer and just glared back at him. Tom's
coworkers waited until the guy was out of earshot and warned Tom the same
way Darrell had. These guys had bad reps even though they did good work.
Don't get them pissed. Tom promised to stay out of their way and be on his
best behavior. They finished lunch and set back to work so they could be
finished by four.Eric had driven back to his main office to go over reports with Marsh and
Jack. Since it was casual Friday, both guys were dressed in jeans and
sportshirts that showed off their tight muscular bodies. Eric felt his
dick stir, so he planted himself behind his desk to be on the safe side.
Marsh stood next to him and pointed out highlights of the reports, while
Jack watched just off to the side out of the way. Eric was pleased with
what they were telling him and thanked them for all of their hard work.
Marsh leaned in and whispered, "Thank me by fucking me silly with that
hardon you are trying to hide." Eric's face went red and Jack just stood
there chuckling. Marsh reached down to Eric's lap and groped the huge
basket. "Did you really think I would let this go by with out grabbing
it?""Did you think we would miss all of this muscle change and the fact that
that huge horse cock is now super-sized? Jack walked over and 3d preteen lolitas pics massaged
Eric's shoulders. "Is there something else you want to tell us?""Dinner, my place, Saturday night, 7:00 and wear leather. My lover and I
will be attired likewise.""Lover, eh? So things are progressing well, hmmmm. That's great to hear.
We are very happy for the both of you but are you playing with your buddy's
chemistry set again? These pecs just sprung up over night."Eric explained everything that had happened with the supplements and the
frantic sex urges. He also explained that Tom seemed to be totally
oblivious to his wealth and wanted him only for himself. He was hoping he
could still retire early but now he was hoping to be able to support Eric
as well, so they could always be together. Marsh and Jack congratulated
him but reminded him that he was the one who usually moved slowly. He
decided he wanted Tom in his life now and that was that. He asked the two
go to lunch with him and help plan the weekend. He stood up and both men
stared at his basket. He told them to behave. They would have a chance to
play with it Saturday, maybe.After lunch, Eric put a new business plan into effect with Marsh and Jack
then left to do some more shopping. He found it difficult to buy the
things he wanted and keep his dick under control. The sales clerk at the
one lolita preteen sexy top store found every way imaginable to brush against the huge beast. He
finally just walked into the dressing room as Eric was trying things on and
fell to his knees begging for a chance to suck it. Eric just laughed and
said OK. He hauled it out of his jeans and flaunted it in the guy's face.
The man was obviously having second thoughts. But he sucked on it anyway.
Eric was so horny it only took about 5 minutes to shoot a load on the guy's
chest. He offered the guy his T-shirt in exchange for another one and the
clerk ran off to find one. Eric sat on the tiny stool in the dressing room
and stared at his body in the mirror.A week ago, he was a big man who lifted. Today he was a mega-huge man who
dominated a room with his sheer size. He lightly flexed his wrist and
watched the muscle jump all the way up his arm. He flexed his pecs
together and saw them bounce three inches up into huge mounds of striated
muscle. The clerk came back with a shirt that was perfect. Eric thanked
him with a big kiss and paid for his purchases. He headed back to the
construction site to pick up Tom.Tom spent the afternoon within eyesight of the redneck construction guys.
He was sure they were commenting about his huge basket and bubble butt and
had figured out he was gay and a bottom man. He ignored them but didn't
trust them out of his sight. At 3:30, he and his team began the finishing
touches on the current floor. He heard one of the construction guys tell
his buddy they would have to playa game or two with muscle boy. He stayed
as close to his team as he could.He was waiting for Eric at four as the construction guys were leaving.
They watched intently as Tom climbed into Eric's pickup and rode off. He
told Eric he didn't trust them and Eric said he would run a background
check on the men. He reached over and squeezed Tom's thigh and said, now
let's enjoy the weekend. Eric informed Tom that Kyle and Mark couldn't
make a workout tonight but would be over real son to make up on missing it.They young little nudes lolitas spent another two hours pumping every body part into huge proportions
in the basement gym. They posed in the bedroom displaying their gains to
each other. Their shower was relatively quiet by their current standards
as they spent more time hugging and kissing with Eric promising to fuck Tom
silly later. Eric wanted to splurge on dinner and have something decadent,
so they lolitas legal art nude ordered pizza. Unfortunately, since no one would deliver to Eric's
house, he had to go pick it up. Tom prepared salads for them while Eric
was gone. He kept getting the spooky feeling that someone was watching the
house and he went from door to door to make sure that things were locked.
He also called his parents to assure his father he would indeed be there to
cut grass.Eric was back in 30 minutes with the pizza and they relaxed with their fat
feast and beer while watching bad TV. Tom was about to doze off when Eric
pulled him to the floor and pulled his T-shirt over his head. "Time to
give your ol' dad some of that hot ass son." He lifted Tom's legs back and
drove his tongue into the puckered hole. Tom bucked his butt as Eric
rimmed him. He held Eric's smooth shaved head against his hole and heard
Eric moaning. "Man, you have a sweet ass. And these balls, getting to be
nice big low hangers." Eric sucked on Tom's balls as he worked fingers
into Tom's accommodating hole. He had four fingers in up to the knuckles
and felt Tom's balls moving up. "No cumming yet."Eric held the boy by his ankles as Tom aimed the battering ram into his
butt. Eric slowly pushed in as Tom gasped. With his dick buried to the
hilt, Eric leaned forward and kissed Tom. Tom wrapped his legs around his
master's waist and held him tight. Eric backed off and began fucking Tom
with slow sensual thrusts. Tom worked Eric's nipples as the pounding on
his ass got stronger and stronger. Eric put his hands and weight on Tom's
chest, squeezing the new mounds of muscle. He felt Tom's ass tighten on
his cock as Tom got ready to shoot."You ready boy?" Eric looked into Tom's eyes, "let it go." Tom's whole
body spasmed as his load poured out onto his flexed abs. Eric filled his
ass with cum. It was the first time any ever came out of Tom. They
remained still for several moments as their bodies relaxed from the sex
high. Eric lowered Tom's legs and felt his dick sliding from the hot
passage to his boy's soul. He lay on Tom's chest and kissed him. They lay
on the floor several more minutes enjoying the afterglow."Let's get ready for bed. You have to be up and off to your parent's early
tomorrow and I have things to get ready for our dinner guests." Tom looked
at him with a puzzled expression. "I decided to have some friends over for
dinner and to welcome you into my little leather family. I think you will
enjoy yourself, trust me.""And you expect me to go to my parent's tomorrow and not throw a boner all
day thinking about this?" Tom laughed."I expect you to keep that dick under control. I also expect you back here
in time to workout. Dinner is all taken care of, but there are some other
preparations which will need attention." Eric grinned evilly and Tom's
dick stirred.They cleaned up their pizza garbage and beer bottles and headed off to bed.
Both were covered in dry cum. It had tunred out to be a chilly fall
evening and the two men cuddled together and were sound asleep in minutes.Comments? Lennoxbearaol.com

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